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Persuading for Results©

Advancement in today's business world means being able to create an impact in your presentations, meetings and daily interactions. Your goal is not only to impart information, but also to stimulate thought and energise the group to move forward and take action.

We have developed advanced processes that will help you to develop your presentation skills and persuade your audience to take action. Our processes are based on the importance of understanding the strengths of different persuasion styles and tools: to understand, captivate and keep the audience focussed and compel them to take action.

In this increasingly complex world, presentation skills and the skill of persuasion is becoming more valuable. Each day thousands of people use some of the approaches of persuasion; yet few people understand why they work and fewer people use any structured approach at all. This program provides you with information on the range of persuasion tools available, from change management, presentation skills,  strategy, sales and psychology. These processes offer an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness and to learn to make conscious, informed choices about how to persuade and influence.


Client Reviews.

"I have used some concepts to change the way we were approaching a client presentation - very valuable course."

"This will enable me to encourage growth in my clients company, that has previously resisted."